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It’s now time for Las Mimosas to take a break after all its hard work this summer. Until next spring, our hotel will be closed to guests, as we need to recover from the busy summer and, especially, give the hotel some tender love and care to get it ready for summer 2023.

It was such a joy to welcome all our guests to Las Mimosas Ibiza for a total 187 days this season. This half year has flown by! Summer has headed over to other latitudes, leaving behind many wonderful memories, new friendships, countless relaxing moments for our guests and happy reunions with guests who chose to return to our modern suites for their holidays in Ibiza.

LM 2022 opening pool

How did season 2022 go in Las Mimosas?

We’ve certainly been busy this year. Yes, we’re always keen to help you relax and get rid of your stress as soon as you step into Las Mimosas, but we also want you to have fun and make sure that you love staying at our boutique hotel in San Antonio as much as coming to Ibiza on holiday.

It’s time to remember our pool sessions...

Weekends at Las Mimosas... sounded like proper weekends! We trust you enjoyed the pool sessions thrown on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, starred by cocktails made with Grey Goose vodka. DJs Gareth Stirling, Ryan McDermott and Be.lanuit & Tupac were in charge of treating us to their best sessions. They were such a success that we intend to bring these sessions back next year.

…And our music and grill evenings

You probably had the chance to enjoy this fabulous summer plan while you were staying in Las Mimosas. I mean, who doesn’t like a BBQ under the stars with live music in Ibiza? We certainly enjoyed those evenings with their irresistible aromas rising from the grill, the Grey Goose cocktails and the great music by Ángel Miguel, Jodie Kean and Oggie. We don’t yet know if next year our most meaty event will be at lunchtime or in the evening, but we’ll be lighting the fire for sure!

LM end season 2022 musicA fabulous summer plan: grill & music © Angel Camarena

The exhibitions, workshops and courses we organised...

We know that you love spending time at our hotel during your holidays, so this year we decided to surprise you with exhibitions that brightened the common areas and activities that gave you a good excuse to leave the Balinese beds –at least for a while. This summer, we were delighted to hang on Las Mimosas’ walls the interesting art and silk exhibition created by the Argentinian artist Nilda Ventura and the “Payesas y Geishas” exhibition by Ibiza-born artist Aída Miró. We also arranged yoga sessions and an experiential workshop on meditation through paint given by Estíabliz Romaña.

...And the event that best brought out your creativity

To end the summer on a high note, Las Mimosas took part in the second Beat Hotel in Ibiza early October. This cross-disciplinary event included yoga sessions, morning meditation, inspiring talks, unique food collaborations, concerts and DJ session. Besides offering special room rates to people attending the Beat Hotel, we also threw a fabulous exclusive pool party for them.

LM end season.2022 exposWe will bring you more exhibitions in 2023.

But now... it’s time to think about summer 2023!

During the coming months, our team will be working to get things ready for you to enjoy a fantastic stay with us on your next holiday in Ibiza. We’ll go over all your feedback to bring more of what you most liked this season and work on your suggestions for improvements while thinking up more workshops, exhibitions and special sessions to surprise you next 2023.

If you're already thinking about booking our modern Med-style suites, keep an eye out for our news on Facebook and Instagram and you’ll be closer to your next holidays in Las Mimosas Ibiza.

See you in 2023! Happy winter!

Main picture: ©Luanda Lopes / Las Mimosas Ibiza

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